Sarada Engineering Services

GJJ Distributor in India

Terms of the Authorized Distributor Agreement

Party A: Tianjin Jinglong Eng. Machinery Co., Ltd.&Tianjin Jinglong Eng. Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

PartB: Sarada Engineering Services

1.Party A authorizes Party B as the GJJ Products authorized Distributor.

2.In the valid time of the agreenment ,Party B can undertake all the legitimate business activities in the name of “ GJJ authorized Distributor

3.In order to better ensure the origin of products, Party B must directly contact with Party A's overseas marketing department for procurement when selling Party A's products, and is not allowed to conduct transaction procurement through a third party in China (such as a third-party trading company)

4.Party B is not allowed to sell: OEM GJJ products of Party A and counterfeit GJJ related products of Party A.

5.During the validity period of this agreement, if Party B violates the relevant terms of the agreement, Party A has the right to terminate the agreement, cancellation of Cooperation and reserves the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.

GJJ India Distributor